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Audio descriptors

EAnalysis uses Libxtract Vamp plugins by Chris Cannam and Jamie Bullock. You need to install it before compute descriptors with EAnalysis.

Install Libxtract Vamp plugins

Follow installation instructions (http://www.vamp-plugins.org/download.html#install):

If these files are not well installed, computation of audio descriptors will not work.

To verify if the plugin is well installed, you can open Préférences of EAnalysis and go to Applications tab. A green leb must appear next to LibXtract Vamp Plugins:


If None appears, it means the plug-Ins are not well installed.

Compute audio descriptors


  1. Select a track.
  2. You can change the prefix. It is important to have a prefix if you use the same analysis on different tracks, names will be differents.
  3. Check the audio descriptors you want to compute.
  4. Select Compute.

You cannot add other audio descriptors and you cannot access to parameters. Computation will be realized with default parameters. If you need to change them or compute other descriptors, use Sonic Visualizer like in Data view

Visualize audio descriptors

When computation is finished, you can display audio descriptors with a Data view.

Add a new view, click on the button (bottom left):

In next window, you select Data view and a template:


Then, graphics from audio descriptors are visibles: