EAnalysis Help - Index

List fo keyboard shortcuts

Audio playback

Play / Pause space bar
Go to start CMD + ↵
Create a loop ALT + draw loop with mouse
Return 5 seconds backward
Go to 5 seconds forward

Time view (waveform or sonogram)

Move playhead ALT + click or ALT + click on playhead and drag
Draw loop ALT + click and drag

Data map (cloud points)

Play CMD + click
Select points Shift + click & drag


Open Add event panel CMD + E
Add marker at playhead position CMD + M
Add point in polygon ALT + click between two points
Remove point in polygon CTRL + click on a point
Exchange between angular point and bezier point in polygon CMD + click on a point
Move selected event(s) to left
Move selected event(s) to right
Move selected event(s) up
Move selected event(s) down
Exchange graphic properties drag a new event (graphic/analytic/library event panel) on other event with ALT key