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Structure View

A structure view allows to display a segmented structure as linear drawing, formal diagram, similarity matrix, and patterns in arc diagram.

To add a new structure view, select button (bottom left):

Select Without events and Linear structure. A new Structure view is added at top:


Add a new section

To add section in this structure view:

You also can create a new section with a specific label (eg. during the playback):


Edit properties of structure view and sections

You can edit time beginning of section by dragging the knob when it is selected. To edit other properties, select Properties toolbar button and the last tab:


  1. Select the level you want to display. You can create different levels with different segmentations. You can select which type of drawing you want (see below for details).
  2. You can create segmentation from external data which contains list of time and labels (see import data).
  3. Edit color properties of sections.
  4. Edit label properties of section.
  5. Edit properties of selected section.

Type of drawing

Linear segmentation

Linear segmentation is perfect to have a simple representation of structure.


Formal diagram

Formal diagram groups section by line from their label (same labels are on the same line).


Arc diagram

Arc diagram display similar patterns of structure. This visualization is based on researches by Martin Wattenberg (Arc Diagrams: Visualizing Structure in Strings):


EAnalysis links similar patterns (A1-B1-A2), but not similar sub-patterns (A1-B1 and B1-A2).


Similarity matrix

A similarity matrix reveals similarities between different sections.

This type represents the same segmentation in horizontal and vertical axis. EAnalysis compares each sections of horizontal axis with sections of vertical axis. Equality is represented with black color (or first color of color properties), strict difference is represented by nothing, and almost similarity by transparent color (like with A1 and A2):