Export as images

Export only works with the slideshow and the temporal view.

Before selecting the export menu, you must set the ratio of the window size and the distribution between the slideshow or the temporal representation and the timeline. The exported file will have the same ratio.

Then, you can export the currently displayed interface:

Select Export > Current Image menu.

Or the whole animation as images:

Select Export > As Images menu.

Both export features have the same interface:

  1. The Format of exported image(s): JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or HEIC (MacOS 10.13.4+).
  2. The Quality.
  3. The Size: Height of the output image.
  4. Add the Timeline representation.
  5. The Background color around the slideshow and/or between the representation and the timeline.
  6. Check the Preview.
  7. Select Export.