The main interface

The interface of iAnalyse contains 5 areas:

  1. The toolbar presents main tools to play, create and edit objects (see below).
  2. The properties panel displays properties of selected objects.
  3. The representation area.
  4. The timeline displays the playback file and time editors of the objects.
  5. The timeline toolbar (see below).

Commands of the toolbar

  1. Playback controls: play, pause, advanced properties, counter.
  2. Add elements: slide, annotation, cursor.
  3. Add time elements: marker, segmentation/structure block.
  4. Display all annotations.
  5. Select the representation mode: slideshow, temporal, other.
  6. Show/Hide timeline.
  7. Show/Hide property panel.

The timeline toolbar

  1. Zoom.
  2. Display controls: show all, follow the playhead, enable synchronization with time representation.
  3. Edit commands: segmentation/structure edit mode, show/hide representations, show timeline properties panel.