Create and edit structure

Show structure

The structure is displayed inside the timeline at the bottom of the window. To show or hide it, use the button on the toolbar:

  1. Show timeline.
  2. Show structure inside timeline.
  3. Open timeline properties.
  4. Select third tab to show structure properties.

Add/Remove structures

  1. Select Edit > Edit Structures menu.
  2. Use + button to add structure.
  3. Edit the title of structure.
  4. Use - button to remove structure.

Create segmentation

  1. Move the playhead to the start date.
  2. Use the add structure segment button.
  3. Edit properties.
  4. Select Add button.

Edit segmentation

  1. Select a segment.
  2. Edit properties.
  3. You can edit start date by moving the beginning of segment.
  4. If end date is enabled, you can edit end date by moving the end of segment. Otherwise, the end corresponds to the beginning of the next segment.

Edit the structure visualisation

Use Type button in structure properties to change the visualization


Linear representation displays a simple structure.

Formal diagram

Formal diagram representation displays segments of structure in the order of their first occurrence.

Arc diagram

Arc diagram representation displays links between patterns of segments.