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Data view

You use this view to display list of values. Each value must have time and decimal (or integer) value.

To add a new data view, select button (bottom left):

Select Data View and a template:


You need to compute audio descriptors or import data to display it inside this view. You can import data from txt or csv file.

Compute audio descriptors

See: Audio descriptors.

Example: Import data from Sonic Visualiser

First step (Sonic Visualiser): Create a file with Sonic Visualiser and create new layer from Vamp Plugin:


Second step (Sonic Visualiser): Export layer informations.

Third step (EAnalysis): Create an EAnalysis project, add a data view, and import data from txt file:


The data values is imported and is visible in second tab of properties:


Select a type of visualization and Edit:


Select the view, open Properties panel, and select Advanced tab to change properties of curve:

  1. Select the view, open Properties panel.
  2. select second tab and Edit.
  3. select data to edit graphic properties.
  4. Edit properties.
  5. Select i button to open information window.
  6. Information window shows value(s) of curve(s) under mouse position.

Paste from Audiosculpt

You can paste audio descriptor values from Audiosculpt (need 3.2.3 version or later).

From an Audiosculpt project with audio descriptors, select the panel with graph, use Select All and Copy:


In EAnalysis, use Edit > Paste Special > Paste Ircam Descriptors from Audiosculpt, and create a data view to visualize the graph: