EAnalysis Help - Index

Chart view

Choose chart view to create chart, table, or map with extracts of media files.

To add a new Chart view, click on button (bottom left):

Select Without events and a chart template.


A new Chart view is added at top:


A map view and a sonogram view is better configuration to work with a chart view.

Add items to chart view


  1. Select an extract time view (ALT click and drag).
  2. Click on toolbar button Add to chart.
  3. Your selection is added the chart view.

To organise blocks, you can select one or several and move them.

Add links between blocks


  1. ALT + click on starting block.
  2. Drag to a second block to create a link.

Display sonogram, waveform or colour inside blocks


  1. Click in chart view to select it.
  2. Select button Properties of toolbar (top right)
  3. Change property of background.

Change other properties

Select last tab in panel of properties to edit more properties:


Change properties of blocks


  1. Select an item.
  2. Click on the button Properties of toolbar (top right)
  3. Edit properties of block.
  4. Activate the Map view item property of the sonogram view to change time of map block.

Change properties of a link


  1. Select a link.
  2. Select the button Properties of toolbar (top right)
  3. Change properties of link.