iAnalyse 5 is coming

For 3 years, I have been developing a new version of iAnalysis. My goal is to bring together 3 applications in one: iAnalysis, EAnalysis and the MotusLab Tools.

iAnalysis has been available for 12 years and allows you to create beautiful listening guides. EAnalysis was born 7 years ago with the aim of creating an experimental laboratory for the analysis of non-written music. MotusLab Tools is available in open source for Max and allows you to record and view acousmatic music performances.

It is now time to bring together the experiments I have been conducting for the past 20 years in a single, easy-to-use application that has many functions for the study, analysis and mediation of music.

iAnalyse 5 has been completely redeveloped with the Swift language. It will be available in a few weeks in beta version for MacOS 10.12 or newer. At the end of the beta test period, iAnalyse 5 will be available on the App Store.

This new version integrates 4 interfaces allowing to edit musical analyses, listening guides, graphic or video examples:

  1. A slideshow editor like the previous versions of iAnalyse.
  2. A temporal editor that includes the features of EAnalysis.
  3. A reader of animated representations to study sound parameters.
  4. A map that allows you to assemble graphical representations and annotations freely.

In addition, several new features will be included in the beta version or will be available as updates are made, such as native audio descriptor computation, import of many file formats, performance recording, new graphical representations, and more.