Create beautiful musical analyses and listening guides

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  • Create projects from zero or use a template library.
  • 3 interfaces :
    • The slideshow to synchronize the pages of a score on an audio or video file.
    • The time view to create representations from the audio signal, the FFT, audio descriptors, etc.
    • The animated view to view the audio parameters in a dynamic way.
  • Create representation of musical form and structure in a linear, formal diagram or arc diagram.
  • Adding a cursor on the score to facilitate musical reading and playback.
  • Support of all recent macOS features such as dark mode, importing FLAC and HEIC files, etc.


  • Import different media formats (see below for a complete list).
  • Use multitrack audio files.
  • Change the playback tempo and transpose audio files.
  • Extract audio descriptors: RMS amplitude, fundamental frequency estimation, peak frequency, spectral centroid, spectral crest, spectral decrease, spectral flatness, spectral rolloff, spectral standard deviation, spectral variance, zero crossing rate, mfcc.


  • Create different types of sound spectrum: linear, logarithmic, differential, chromagram.
  • Create self-similarity matrices from FFT or any data.


  • Add dynamic annotations on scores, images and representations (sound spectrum, self-similarity matrix, etc.).
  • Use 14 types of annotations: rectangle, ellipse, text, frame with text, table, line, polygon, bezier curve, drawing, image, video, musical chords, cycle and pitch clock, tonnetz.
  • Build in/out animation for annotations.

Import formats

  • Audio : aif, wav, mp3, m4a, flac (10.14+).
  • Video: mov, mp4, m4v.
  • Image: jpg, png, tiff, pdf, heic (10.14+).
  • Data: txt, csv, xml.
  • Others: MIDI, MusicXML, PRAAT pitch contour, Tony pitch track data, Reaper EDL, Pro Tools information session.


  • Image: jpg, tiff, png, heic (10.14+).
  • Video: h.264/AAC or HEVC/AAC
  • Data: txt, xml, json.

Minimum System Requirement:
macOS 10.13.6 or newer

If you have installed a previous, undistributed version from the Apple Store, then remove it before installing this new version.

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