iAnalyse 5 Changelog

Usability improvements and bugfixes.

5.1.4 (20.03.2019)

  • Add marker in timeline and temporal view with a shortcut.
  • Add graphic annotation library.
  • Fix signature error.
  • Fix initialization of 3D graph when opening a project.
  • Fix name of colored ellipses in library.
  • Fix issue when importing an EAnalysis project with bezier or drawing events.
  • Fix drawing of image and movie annotation when exporting project.

5.1.3 (17.03.2019)

  • Change color of some musical signs in the library.
  • Refactor edit data file class.
  • Enhance interface when adding a movie annotation.
  • Fix crash when using easy cursor.
  • Fix crash when using dynamic spectrum representation.
  • Fix crash when importing EAnalysis projects with infinite frame of drawing.
  • Fix issues when saving a project with a similarity matrix.
  • Fix text box label in annotation library.
  • Fix initialization of the movie without audio tracks.
  • Fix graphic issues with representations in map’s annotations.
  • Fix using transformation of data in gradient representation.

5.1.2 (12.03.2019)

  • Add templates.
  • Fix some bugs that may cause crashes.
  • Fix issue when opening project with audio descriptors.
  • Fix issue with color of graph and complex representations.

5.1.1 (11.03.2019)

  • Temporary removal of project creation from a template

5.1.0 (10.03.2019)

  • First Beta