iAnalyse 5 Changelog

Usability improvements and bugfixes.

5.2.16 (25.06.2020)

  • Added alpha layer in spectrum and multidimensional colorations.
  • Changed movie player interface.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when exporting current image.
  • Fixed activation of dynamic slider if multidimensional colors are used.
  • Fixed crash that happens when closing the document with the audio player properties window open.
  • Fixed issue of the stability of properties when loading a new structure

5.2.15 (06.06.2020)

  • Added drawing of vertical ruler when exporting temporal view.
  • Added HEVC movie format exportation.
  • Added a chromagram parameter to modulate pitch with RMS amplitude.
  • Changed design of the welcome window.
  • Changed movie exported format to mov.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.

5.2.14 (18.05.2020)

  • Added exportation of frequency view.
  • Added import and export annotation user library.
  • Added new pages in manual.
  • Fixed false drawing of some buttons in dark mode.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when launching a project after a crash.

5.2.13 (14.05.2020)

  • Added Quiclook preview.
  • Added thumbnail preview images in welcome window list of recent projects.
  • Added export sources (all file + data in JSON format).
  • Added somes pages in manual.
  • [10.14+] Added user notification when export is done.
  • Improved drawing of the time ruler when exporting.
  • [Dark mode] Fixed color of dash and end point property controls.
  • Fixed chord annotation exportation issue.
  • Fixed chord annotation color updating.
  • Fixed slide detection to avoid adding slide at the same time to another.
  • Fixed closing the vu-meter window when closing the document.

5.2.12 (09.05.2020)

  • Added a Z-Score normalization option before computing self-similarity matrix of data.
  • [FR] Ajout du manuel complet en version française.
  • Slideshow and representation views can now be exported with the timeline (to images and video).
  • Added shortcuts to export to image and video files.
  • Minor changes in the manual.
  • Improved the horizontal ruler display in the export.
  • It now allowed computing audio features on several files in the same time.
  • Fixed exporting to images issue of filename.
  • Fixed issue of synchronization between timeline and temporal representation when follow playhead is not enabled.
  • Fixed the issue of activating the zoom when changing the sound view.

5.2.11 (17.04.2020)

  • Added some new parameters in preferences.
  • [FR] Traduction des préférences en français.
  • Added New from template in File menu.
  • Added an option to normalize the signal before spectrum computation (Preferences > Import), enabled by default.
  • Minor changes in some label texts.
  • Deleted beta welcome window to prepare release version.
  • Reduced mouse sensitivity for loop selection on the timeline.
  • Alignment of the waiting window in the center of the screen for file editing computations.
  • It is now possible to compute spectrums on several files at once.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when using frequency drawing.
  • Fixed view synchronization issues in sound view mode.
  • Fixed crash when changing audio device during playback and importation of media files.
  • Fixed incorrect display of ruler indicators in the list of representations.

5.2.10 (13.04.2020)

  • Improved progress bar display when importing media, computing the spectrum, and computing descriptors.
  • Modified to avoid the creation of a new cursor point on an existing point.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when undo adding layers.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when open editing image window with a nil image.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when editing audio rate or loop selection.
  • Fixed crash when change rate of a project based on a movie.

5.2.9 (05.04.2020)

  • Fixed crash when importing media file on maxOS 10.14.

5.2.8 (31.03.2020)

  • Added frequency view to display frequency estimation or importation of PRAAT pitch contour (See manual > Representations).
  • Added MFCCs and f0 templates.
  • Added a progress window when editing data.
  • 3D representation: Disable data list popup menus if the time index is selected.
  • Updated manual.
  • Fixed vertical ruler checkbox bug in representation.
  • Fixed frequency display error in the spectrum view information.
  • Fixed spectrum centroid drawing in the view frame.
  • Fixed axis selection issue in 3D graph properties.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when using easy cursor.
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed wired crash after closing project.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when creating data.

5.2.7 (14.03.2020)

  • Added fundamental frequency estimation (Yin algorithm). A representation adapted to the visualization of frequencies is under development.
  • Added MFCCs in spectrum computation.
  • [FR] Traduction de certaines parties de l’interface en français.
  • Self-similarity matrices are now computed based on Manhattan distance.
  • Fixed errors of D# in the fifth cycle annotation template.
  • Fixed huge memory usage during movie export.
  • Limited memory usage when exporting image even in high quality and size.
  • Fixed bugs with sending backward menu features.
  • Fixed name file composition when it contains dots.

5.2.6 (19.02.2020)

  • Changed template 5 to work with any number of audio channels.
  • Changed color of audio series from commonly used audio color.
  • Fixed crash when creating 2 or more projects from template.
  • Fixed missing images in manual.
  • Fixed color issue of 3D representation form time index.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when changing time alignment of annotation.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when grouping annotations.
  • Fixed memory leaks.

5.2.5 (12.02.2020)

  • Updated manual.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when using manage file functions.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when exporting project with zero size images.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when using a multidimentional template.
  • Fixed crash when stoping tone generator.
  • Fixed issue with synchronization between audio and video track.

5.2.4 (8.02.2020)

  • [FR] Fixed crash when opening representation inspector.

5.2.3 (9.01.2020)

  • Minor changes

5.2.2 (7.12.2019)

  • Fixed memory leak when importing EAnalysis project.
  • Fixed crash after importing EAnalysis project and quitting the application.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when creating slideshow from template with a PDF file.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when using ESC key.

5.2.1 (18.11.2019)

  • Added import pitch track data created with Tony software.
  • Added manage files to delete unused files.
  • Added an advanced sound analysis template.
  • Changed welcome window.
  • Fixed crash that can occur when launching an empty project.
  • Fixed crash that can occur when imporing PDF file.
  • Fixed crash that can occur when using playlist.
  • Fixed crash that can occur when editing structure title.
  • Fixed crash that can occur when loading marker properties.
  • Fixed issue when computing audio features which occured with last update.
  • Fixed issue with templates 6 and 10.
  • Fixed wrong drawing of graph representation when zoom is at its highest value.

5.2.0 (09.11.2019)

  • Added change size of timeline waveform.
  • Audio file selection is locked in the descriptor computation.
  • Added chord annotations (French system and popular music system).
  • Removed map view.
  • Removed spatialisation representation.
  • Inverted high and low frequencies in spectrum computation.
  • Fixed issue of cursor step number edition from 10 to 19.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when add a structure block.
  • Fixed crash that may occur when importing iAnalyse 4 project.
  • Fixed wrong drawing of line in exported file.
  • Fixed the selection issue in the add annotation window.
  • Fixed issue of synchronisation between timeline and temporal representations.

5.1.20 (12.10.2019)

  • Copy annotations from one project to another.
  • Close windows when closing the project.
  • Fixed some error in localisation.
  • Removed macOS 10.15 information window.
  • Removed follow playhead property in temporal representation. Use main button below timeline.
  • Updated manual.
  • Disabled the export menus on the dynamic and map views.
  • Fixed crash when launching property panel in English localisation.
  • Fixed some wrong properties of iAnalyse 4 imported projects.
  • Fixed stop playback issue when the end is achieved.
  • Fixed missing properties of series in representations.
  • Fixed crash when computing several FFT and add add each of them in a representation.

5.1.18 (18.09.2019)

  • Minor changes.

5.1.17 (27.08.2019)

  • Fix crash when copying a triangle cursor.
  • Fix activation of flip menu items.
  • Fix crash when grouping annotations.

5.1.16 (03.08.2019)

  • Migration to HockeyApp report crash system.

5.1.15 (02.08.2019)

  • Add 2 new colors for spectrum and multidimentional representations
  • [FR] Traduction des couleurs des sonagrammes et des représentations multidimentionnelles
  • Add alert when audio engine is not initialized at launch.
  • [10.15] Add an alert to inform of possible problems.
  • Fix go to time when playing movies with without audio tracks.
  • [FR] Correction de l’erreur de traduction des plans dans la couleur des représentations multidimentionnelles.
  • Fix issue with openning welcome window when lauching app.
  • Fix issue when select only one annotation with click and drag.
  • Fix inconsistency of add cursor sheet window and protect against addition of steps less than 2.
  • Fix issue of IndexSet in Swift 4.2.
  • Fix crash that may occur when creating a ruler in sonogram view (ruler will be refactorized in futur version).
  • Fix crash that may occur when changing slide frame.
  • Fix crash that may occur when opening playing menu

5.1.14 (13.07.2019)

  • Add property menu to extend cursor over the duration of slide.
  • Add navigation between text field in property panel with TAB key.
  • Start and End time properties of annotation are now button to align on slide.
  • Add alert to save project before open movie window.
  • Copy-paste or duplicate an annotation no longer change time properties.
  • Copy-paste an annotation from a slide to another no longer change position.
  • Fix crash when using flip function after importation of image.
  • Using option key to duplicate an annotation no longer select the original annotation.

5.1.13 (29.06.2019)

  • L’interface a été traduite en français. Le manuel reste pour le moment en anglais, il sera traduit pour la version finale.
  • Print menu is deleted.
  • Add selction of playhead with option key.
  • Fix selection and animation issue in cursor.

5.1.12 (23.06.2019)

  • Add voices in log spectrum instrument ranges.
  • Add an alert when no audio output is selected in system preferences.
  • Update String from URL extension to import any kind of encoded text file.
  • Change interface of movie window to resolve some issues.
  • Change playback selection in timeline: Just click without ALT key.
  • Add annotation library does not reset at each opening.
  • Fix crash if user try to add a cursor without frames (slideshow interface and easy cursor feature).
  • Fix crash that may occur when importing iAnalyse 4 project with incorrectly configured cursors.
  • Fix crash that may occur when refresh a rectangle cursor with a NaN frame.

5.1.11 (07.06.2019)

  • Movie window now support space to command playback.
  • Change design of movie window.
  • Switch automatically between explore movie roll and movie view in movie window.
  • Fix false vertical position of cursor when exporting as a movie.
  • Fix crash that may occur when moving a cursor frame.
  • Fix black lines that may visible in exported movie.

5.1.10 (02.06.2019)

  • Add button to edit structure in timeline properties.
  • Add vu meter window (menu View > Vu Meter).
  • Add corner property of image and movie annotations.
  • Spectrum representation: Add LTAS spectrum, spectral centroid and harmonics.
  • Delete m4a format from movie import.
  • Selected structure in add structure popover window is now linked to displayed structure in timeline.
  • Change displayed structure no longer select the last segment.
  • Minor updates in help files.
  • Redesign big counter.
  • Redesign properties of spectrum.
  • Fix crash that may occur when importing media file.
  • Fix changing time position when a movie is imported without audio track.
  • Fix issues in add structure popover window.
  • Fix time issue when adding a new structure segment in different layers.

5.1.9 (26.05.2019)

  • Use clic + Alt to duplication an annotation during selection.
  • Add Triangle cursor.
  • Add import and export structure.
  • Change animation property of annotation in map view to not enabled.
  • Add File menu: Move Import structure to Import sub-menu.
  • Fix color of annotations in timeline when lauching project.
  • Slideshow: Fix display of annotations when switch between slides.
  • Fix issue with position and size of representation when moving up or down.
  • Fix initialization issue of m4a audio files.
  • Fix issue with creation of movie annotation if the project is not saved.
  • Fix crash that may occur when move an annotation in slide.
  • Fix crash that may occur when moving position of playhead in timeline or use play button.
  • Fix crash that may occur when use ‘Select All Annotations’ in Layer menu.
  • Fix issue with Select All and Select All Annotations in Layer menu.
  • Fix crash that may occur when change audio file playback.

5.1.8 (11.05.2019)

  • Add copy and paste annotation and cursor styles (edit menu).
  • Add copy and paste a slide.
  • Add enablement of layer property popover time controls.
  • Spectrum: Add dynamic filter and range frequencies.
  • Change group copy, paste and delete action in edit menu.
  • Optimize drawing charge during playback.
  • Optimize spectrum drawing.
  • Map view: Annotations cannot longer be included in playlist.
  • Corner property of annotations: Activated even if the background is not activated.
  • The modification of the file in a representation now modifies the duration of the representations in both directions.
  • The whole display button is now enabled on the temporal view even without the timeline display.
  • Spectrum representation properties: Activation of series colors is link to ‘mixed’ parameter.
  • Fix memory leak when importing PDF file.
  • Fix crash when adding structure block from edit menu.
  • Fix validation of menu items.
  • Fix crash that may occur when quitting iAnalyse.
  • Fix crash that may occur when using easy cursor.
  • Fix crash when changing file to ‘no file‘ in spectrum view.
  • Fix crash when changing FFT window size in spectrum view.
  • Fix link removal when deleting a block in map view.
  • Fix drawing issue of graph representation when setting visibility.
  • Fix copy layer property when copying or duplicating annotation.
  • Fix activation of ruler in sonogram view.
  • Remove selection of annotation when exit whole annotation display mode.

5.1.7 (03.05.2019)

  • Add notarization.
  • Add navigate menu.
  • Add go to time menu item (navigate menu).
  • Transfert several action from advanced play menu to navigate menu.
  • Update help files.
  • It is now impossible to create a polygon or bezier annotation with less than 3 points.
  • Fix crash when copy-paste or duplicate a cursor.
  • Fix crash when enter invalid position or size.
  • Fix crash when open an invalid project.
  • Fix crash during playback (counter thread refactorized).
  • Fix the disappearance of the background color in the map view blocks.
  • Fix activation of timeline zoom if there is no audio file.

5.1.6 (18.04.2019)

  • Update to Swift 5.
  • Prepare personalized importation.
  • Add unit tests to check importation of wired data.
  • Fix crash that may occur with counter.
  • Fix crash that may occur when change alignement of several annotations.
  • Fix double creation of graph view in template#5.

5.1.5 (24.03.2019)

  • Check data before enabling importation.
  • Add Plist Document.
  • Fix blinking of image annotation when exporting to movie.
  • Fix displaying of gray background color of image annotation.
  • Fix missing shadow in exported annotation.
  • Fix opening properties from spatialization representation.

5.1.4 (20.03.2019)

  • Add marker in timeline and temporal view with a shortcut.
  • Add graphic annotation library.
  • Fix signature error.
  • Fix initialization of 3D graph when opening a project.
  • Fix name of colored ellipses in library.
  • Fix issue when importing an EAnalysis project with bezier or drawing events.
  • Fix drawing of image and movie annotation when exporting project.

5.1.3 (17.03.2019)

  • Change color of some musical signs in the library.
  • Refactor edit data file class.
  • Enhance interface when adding a movie annotation.
  • Fix crash when using easy cursor.
  • Fix crash when using dynamic spectrum representation.
  • Fix crash when importing EAnalysis projects with infinite frame of drawing.
  • Fix issues when saving a project with a similarity matrix.
  • Fix text box label in annotation library.
  • Fix initialization of the movie without audio tracks.
  • Fix graphic issues with representations in map’s annotations.
  • Fix using transformation of data in gradient representation.

5.1.2 (12.03.2019)

  • Add templates.
  • Fix some bugs that may cause crashes.
  • Fix issue when opening project with audio descriptors.
  • Fix issue with color of graph and complex representations.

5.1.1 (11.03.2019)

  • Temporary removal of project creation from a template

5.1.0 (10.03.2019)

  • First Beta