You can use annotations in slideshow and temporal visualization. It is necessary to use timeline with slideshow.

Add an annotation

  1. Move the playhead to the starting position of the playhead. Use timeline or temporal view.
  2. Use the toolbar button to open the libray of annotation.
  3. Click on the annotation to add.

To create a movie annotation, you need to import a movie before.

Edit annotation

  1. Select the annotation.
  2. Open property panel.
  3. Change parameters of selected annotation.

Create group of annotations

  • Select several annotations.
  • Use Arrange > Group menu.
  • Save an annotation or a group of annotations in library

  • Select one or several annotations.
  • Use Edit > Add Annotation to Library menu.
  • Select the target category.
  • Select Add button.
  • To edit categories:

    1. Use Edit > Edit Annotations Library menu.
    2. Use + to create a new category.
    3. Use - to delete selected category.
    4. Use and to change order of categories.