Temporal visualization: Main properties

To use the temporal view, you must import a media or a data file.

To move the playhead, use ALT + click.

Add a representation

To add a temporal representation:

  1. Open property panel.
  2. Select the second tab.
  3. Click on + button.
  4. Select a type of representation. This menu only shows representations that are compatible with imported files.
  5. Select the new representation.
  6. Change File settings to the right imported file.

The properties displayed under the File parameter depend on the type of representation.

Edit main properties

  1. Select first tab of property panel.
  2. Change background: color or image.
  3. Change duration of representation: only available when there ar no representation.
  4. Change playhead properties.
  5. Show/Hide horizontal (time) or vertical rulers.
  6. Activate the local zoom. You can have a local zoom on the timeline and another on this view. By default, they are linked.

Edit representation properties

  1. Select second tab of property panel.
  2. Commands to add, remove a representation and to change order (top is in back and bottom is in front).
  3. List of representations: change visibility and edit the title.
  4. Main properties of representation: opacity, background color, position and height, and vertical ruler visibility.
  5. Property of representation.

Ruler is not activated for all representation, only some of them have vertical ruler.

View properties

  1. Select third tab of property panel.
  2. Show/Hide annotations.
  3. Change properties of annotation layers.
  4. Show/Hide markers and change their properties.

Display information

Select View > Show Information to display information floating frame at the top right of temporal representation.