Edit data file

Before use this feature, you need to import data or compute descriptors.

Main properties

  1. Select Compute > Edit Data File.
  2. Select a file.
  3. Edit name.
  4. Link is not used.
  5. Crop from starting date to ending date.
  6. Edit name of each serie of data.
  7. Use - button to delete one or several series.

Advanced properties

  1. Select a file.
  2. Use + to create new data (see below).
  3. Use - to delete selected data file.
  4. Duplicate data file.
  5. Merge several data files or split series of data in different files.
  6. Export selected data to text file.

Create data

The new data are created by computation on the series of data.

Arithmetic meanNeeds 2 series or more
DistanceCompute distance on first serie
DeviationNeeds 2 series or more
Correlation (Pearson)Needs 2 series or more
MaximumNeeds 2 series or more
MedianNeeds 2 series or more
MinimumNeeds 2 series or more
Quadratic meanNeeds 2 series or more
Standard deviationNeeds 2 series or more
VarianceNeeds 2 series or more